Below are a series of photos taken during the Community Schools’ Program (CSP) schools visits or the Community Schools’ Program (CSP) activities.┬áMake sure you return here every so often as we will keep this page updated!

On the way to CSP schools!

On a boat or riding an elephant, going to visit CSP's schools is always a great trip!

8 Photos

Saw Bwe Dern & Hee Poe Dern schools December 2011

Few pictures of Saw Bwe dern and Hee Poe Dern schools...

46 Photos

WCPRC vote April 2012

On April 2012 CSP's children had participated to WCPRC vote in several places.

30 Photos

CSP 10th anniversary December 2011

On December 2011 CSP celebrated its 10th anniversary.

85 Photos

Kwe T'Ma school insight

Several pictures of Kwe T'Ma school on December 2011 and September 2008.

35 Photos

Tha Thwee Dern & Lay Nor Dern schools May 2010

Few pictures of Tha Thwee Dern and Lay Nor Dern schools visit in May 2010.

43 Photos


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