Many worldwide partners, both individuals and organisations, are working alongside and assisting the Community Schools’ Program (CSP) through money and materials donations, fundraising and awareness-raising activities.

Since the Community Schools Program was established in May 2001 and at now there are funded by many donors from many countries.

Their support represents an invaluable addition to the administrative assistance provided by our many volunteers, including medical students .

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following individuals and groups for their assistance.

Below is the list of the current donors/ partners for the program :

  • Brackett Foundation (USA)
  • Enfant Du Mekong (France)
  • Edward and Vickie O’Gara Family Foundation (USA)
  • World Children’ Prize Foundation (Sweden)
  • Mr. Bob Brackett family (USA)
  • Father  Patrick Cannaughton from Ballinacree/ Mount Nugent, Parish (Ireland)
  • Karen Refugee Women Development Group (Scotland)
  • Korean Open Doctors Society
  • Mr. Richard Zamora (USA)
  • Mr. Steve Barton (Australia)
  • Mr. Hidemitsu UEJI (Japan)
  • Ms. Bronwen Barton(Australia)
  • Mr. Jan Toohey and Mrs. Jim Toohey (USA)
  • Mr. Saied Alave and his students (Sweden)
  • Ms. Yasco Morikawa(Japan)
  • Rosemary Cameron( Australia)
  • Gift of Happiness Foundation (Thailand),
  • Kirwin International Relief Foundation (USA)
  • Mr. Henry Cheng (USA)
  • Mr. Niels Vissers from the   Round Table 147 The Netherlands
  • Mr. Christopher Bradley (Canada)

Previous donors who have helped the program :

  • John Hussman  Foundation (USA)
  • Women With a Mission( Thailand) donated clothes for teachers, students, villagers
  • Dr. Ida Glode (Denmark)
  • Ms. Inge Sterk (Germany)
  • Ms. Johanna Hallin (Sweden)
  • Dr. Timothy Walker( UK)
  • Clear Path International( USA)
  • Alphabet Foundation (Australia)
  • Dr. Josephine Wacker (Germany)
  • Hoppy and Judy Winfield (USA)
  • Hazel and Philip (Australia)
  • Dr. Bomi Jung (Medical Aid for the Children in South Korea)
  • Manos Unidas through BIRMANIA POR LA PAZ (Spain)
  • Mr. John Manning (Australia)
  • Dr. Nyunt Naing Thein
  • Maung Maung Tin (Thailand)
  • Ko Maung Zaw (South Korea)
  • Australian People for Health Education and Development (APHEDA)
  • Project Umbrella Burma (Canadá)
  • Dr. Gaku Murakami (Japan)
  • Help Without Fountries( Italy)
  • Rotary club in Italy and Thailand(Pattaya)
  • Dr. Toru Yoneda (Japan)
  • Mr. Doug Hollinger and his students( USA)
  • Dr. Kate Bruck(Thailand)
  • Dr. Suzanne Belton(Australia)
  • Ms. Louisa Smith (UK)

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