Mission statement

Our mission to provide education at the primary and middle school level to children between the ages of 4 and 18 years attending internally displaced schools within cease fire zone schools as well as some schools in Karen State under the control of the Burmese government.

Working to improve local literacy rates will prepare and enable children to pursue further educational opportunities, will promote personal and social development within family, and will help prepare children to take on community responsibilities in the future.

Program Management and Staff Roles

The following are the different titles for staff running the program and descriptions accompanying each role:

Founder/ Program Director – Handle all of the financial aspects of the project, including: grant writing, budget monitoring and auditing, accounting as well as providing donors with further documentation of project-related activities.

Field Coordinator – Visiting each school at least once per year, collecting data from schools regarding the number of students and teachers and taking photographs for reports and publicity.

Assistant field coordinator – Visits the schools located close to the border twice a year, once a year for further schools. Contacts the schools’ committees before each visit, takes photos and find outs what the schools need. Writes a report after each visit which is submitted to the program director.

Enfant du Mekong (EDM)  projects coordinator

Visiting the children who are receiving the sponsorship from the EDM, assist with the children to write back the letters to the sponsors, taking the students; photos and send it to the project director, interview the children and find out what difficulty they have during the school year.

World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC) Activity Coordinator – Organizes and oversees workshops for the students including; how to organise the annual Global Vote for the World’s Children’s Prize (WCP), selecting members for the child delegation, and other activities.

Back-Pack Medics and Community Health Workers – Monitoring schools in their area and relaying information back to the program manager, providing health education to the teachers and students, and the distribution of some school materials. Deliver a bi-annual report from schools back to the Program Manager in Mae Sot.

Pastors – Visiting schools, discussing schools’ needs and reporting back to Field coordinator.

Teachers – Collating school reports, implementing school activities, insuring that the distribution of resources is satisfactory.

Members of school committees – Collecting materials from storage facilities, delivering materials to the teachers, taking responsibility for the upkeep of the school, taking care of the teachers that are staying in the dormitories, and problem solving.

Parents – Contribute to the school through; donation of food for the teachers, obtaining and supplying bamboo for building and repairs of the school.

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