Teachers’ stories

Here are some testimonies of teachers from CSP schools.

Saw Lah Koe – Bu Baw Khee school

“My name is Saw Lar Ko and I teach in Bu Baw Khee Primary School in Karen State, Burma. Before the school received funding from the Community School Program (CSP), many children went without education as their parents were unable to pay school fees. The children face many other barriers to receiving education, including responsibilities for looking after younger siblings and working alongside their parents in agriculture in order to make a living. As a result, the funding we received in 2005 from the CSP was a great relief to the community. By covering the costs of school fees, teaching materials, clothing and sports equipment, this allowed parents to send their children to school. The support of the CSP has not only provided the opportunity for many children to receive a school education, but has also given children the motivation to learn and be successful in school. Moreover, the funding also brought the community as a whole a more positive outlook towards school and education.”

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