Community schools’ program 10th anniversary

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program

On the 6th of December 2011 the 10th anniversary of the Community Schools’ Program was held in Lay Nar Dern Primary School.  We were all very excited and happy to celebrate this special event because we never guessed that the program would still be running after ten years. In the 2001, the program could only support Loe Khee primary school, which was staffed by two teachers and attended by only 35 students. Currently the program is able to support a total of 30 different schools with 1824 students and 111 teachers.

Approximately 600 people attended the celebration including students, teachers, school committee members, parents, and other guests.  25 schools participated in this celebration in all. Plaw Khee primary school, Ta Nay Poe Klar primary school, Ler Wah Koe primary school, and Kwee Ta Mar middle schools were unfortunately unable to attend because the Burmese army had recently attacked the KLNA base located on the rout to Lay Nar Dern School where the anniversary celebrations were held.

During the anniversary there were many festivities starting with a concert which was preformed by students and teachers on the evening of December 5th. The next morning activities included group prayer and an award ceremony to honour 13 individuals who had contributed to the program. Prizes were given to the three schools that had provided the program with pictures to be used in reports and proposals over the past 10 years. Two students from Saw Bwe Dern middle school and one student from Doe Hai Dern middle school were awarded certificates from the World Children Prize Foundation on behalf of their schools. Afterwards the program manger spoke about how the program began, named the donors who had contributed to the success of the program, discussed the challenges that had been faced as well as the accomplishments of the program over the last decade. Speeches were given by a representative from the Karen Education Department, a school representative, and a Loe Khee school teacher. Afterwards the field assistance coordinator read a message from Mr Tom Brackett and gave thanks to everyone who attends the celebration. The celebration concluded with a prayer lead by one of the pastors.

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