Global vote

Organising the global vote in Karen state/ Burma

Children from the Community Schools’ Program have organised a global vote day on the 3rd of April 2012 at Day Bu Noh village on the Yu Za Lin river bank in Karen State, Burma. A fourth grade student from Saw Bwe Dern School named Saw Ray Loh Htoo was elected to the role of chair person for the global vote day. 250 students and 21 teachers participated in the global vote day altogether. Participants had to walk for an entire day from their schools to Day Bu Noh village where the voting was held in order to take part in the vote. Students also gathered to vote in two more locations unfortunately however, these votes were note able to reach Mae Sot in time to be counted due to the great distance between the schools and the border.

To see more photos click the link: more photos

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